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Designing with principle of "SpirMateria"

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

In any design projects undertaken, I design with the principle of "SpirMateria". The word "SpirMateria" is created by me and could be actually added into design dictionary as well. Its a combination of two words "Spirit" and "Materials" means "Matter". In philosophical terms, it can be perceived in various ways but defining it in design and art terms is quite different. 

"Spirit" is related to the senses of a human being. When we enter any space, all our senses subconsciously activate and experience the design. We have five basic senses; Vision, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Hearing. Out of all these, the most important in the design are Vision and Touch. As a designer and visual artist, I always deal with these two senses while I am working on any project. The quality of light, the balance of colours, texture, spatial experience, space articulation, elemental language are all very important factors to consider. These all help in enhancing the experience for the user of the space and subconsciously or consciously awakens the senses hence lifting up the "Spirit" of the user by bringing comfort and luxury. 

"Materia" was first used as a term in the design process by Finnish Architect and Designer Alvar Aalto, mainly defining "Matter" or "Materials" in his design. With bringing the right combination of materials and texture, he achieved great spaces and forms in his design. According to me, the most important factor after space planning in design is an articulation of elements and the right combination of materials. This can make or break any design. Again, it also helps in lifting the spirit of the space by enhancing the experience and awakening the sense through senses of vision and touch. 

At Amit Dixit Design Ltd, we work with this principle of "SpirMateria" as a combined term to achieve the best result for our clients' projects and also try to contribute something "New", "Timeless" and "Trends Free".

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