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High-End Interior Designer

Specialists In Delivering Luxury Hospitality Projects in London


Amit Dixit Design London is specialised in delivering high-end projects for the luxury hospitality industry.

With a keen focus on enhancing a personal service, our team of talented designers consistently pushes the boundaries of creativity, using ESG & VR, to create spaces that are not only aesthetically captivating but also functionally impeccable.

We understand that in the realm of luxury hospitality, every detail matters, and our commitment to crafting bespoke design reflects in the unique, unforgettable experiences we curate for our clients and their guests.

Amit is an experienced contemporary High-End Interior Designer who in 2017 set up his Architectural Studio in Mayfair, London. He is a hands-on qualified expert with experience in all aspects of Luxury Interior Design.


Prior to this, he worked as a Senior Designer and Design Director for high-end design studios and luxury residential developers, overseeing the high-end interior and architectural projects based in London, the UK and Overseas.

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